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Voice Calls Services

Voice calls have very important role in all areas including business, education,

medication, ecommerce, politics etc.

About Service

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages that you can send to a mobile or landline number.bulk voice sms facilities allow businesses to enter their potential market by reaching the target audience directly on their communication devices.

With our bulk voice SMS and bulk voice call service, you will able to communicate with your customers by calling their mobile phone or landline numbers anywhere in India. We offers an extremely user-friendly interface for sending bulk voice calls at affordable price.

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Enhanced features of our Voice Call service

It is fast and sends the message to numerous phones with a single click

Can support multiple languages to help large chunks of users understand

Allows voice call campaigning for targeting specified audiences

It offers prompt delivery of the messages with detailed reports

Excellent Call Quality

With a voice message delivery people who cannot read also receive your business message clearly. The quality of your business message delivery will make sure the message is heard full and clear without any interruption or cracking.

Market your products or services

Promote your products and services without spending huge amounts. Get the word out to the right ears into their very own mobile phones that are with them all the time!


Business Messages are heard in full Capacity

Voice calls are prompt and reach the receiver with your message in a moment. With prompt message delivery and no other irrelevant words the calls are usually listened to and not hung up midway.

Send Reminders to your client base

Is the most effective method to send reminders for EMI payments, insurance premium, bills etc. Improves customer satisfaction through a sense of responsibility projected from the company.

Get best Voice Call service from us to promote your business today! Contact us now!

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