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How Can You Grow Your Business With “Bulk SMS Service in Kanpur

Welcome to CZARS INDIA IT PVT. LTD.” One of the best leading and trusted IT Company in Kanpur.

Providing all IT services as well as Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in Kanpur., Marketing Through BULK SMS Is A better way to promote your company ideas and services, As No. of mobile user increase in INDIA day by day, that why BULK SMS SERVICES is best communication medium to Promote your business and services.

  • Easy to reach targeted audience.
  • Cheap way to share your ideas and services.
  • An SMS message can reach a customer wherever they are.
  • You can send bulk SMS messages from your computer.
  • You can send individual messages or group messages.
  • SMS can be stored for use at a later stage.
  • SMS can be forwarded.
  • SMS messages can be scheduled to go out at a certain date and time.

Benefits of SMS vs Phoning:

  • Cheaper than a phone call
  • Takes less time to send a message than it does to make a phone call.

Benefits of SMS vs Emailing/Online:

  • Email/computer is not always readily available.
  • People are more likely to receive and read an SMS than an email.
  • More people have access to a cellphone than they do the internet.
  • Cellphones do not have a spam box. Many emails are “lost” because of the junk mail filter.

Benefits of SMS vs Fax:

  • Fax machines are not portable.
  • SMS is cheaper than sending a fax.
  • Often times an office has one fax machine servicing an entire office.
  • Sending an SMS takes less time than typing up and sending a fax.
  • Faxes are not “personal”. Anyone can walk past, pick it up and read it.

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